The Reusable Toilet Paper Debate, where do you stand?

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      Do you remember the toilet paper shortage during the outbreak of Covid-19? If everyone had been using reusable toilet paper, the outcome might have been different.

      Essentially, they are like cloth diapers or reusable menstrual pads. There are many people who use it as a cheaper and more eco-friendly alternative to regular toilet paper. This idea does not appeal to everyone, even if the cloth was washed well between uses.

      reusable toilet paper- aka unpaper

      What exactly is reusable toilet paper?

      Basically, they are simple strips or squares of cloth that are used instead of toilet paper. They are washed and reused after each use. You could either buy ready-made reusable toilet paper or make your own from old clothes, sheets, blankets, or towels.

      The search for alternative products has been minimal since Joseph Gayetty introduced toilet paper in New York in 1857. As a result, there are few studies on the safety and cleaning of reusable toilet paper. Health concerns do not stem from using reusable toilet paper, but from how it is handled and washed.

      Although reusable toilet paper can be used in a sanitary manner, not everyone is in favor of the practice. In Arizona, for instance, Kelly Reynolds studies pollutants in houses as a director and researcher in public health. According to Reynolds, who spoke to USA Today, it’s easy to assume that most people aren’t doing it right.

      “This is just a risky practice, overall, I think, and the potential for cross-contamination is just very high from your bathroom, where they’re stored, to your laundry room.”

      In fact, everything the contaminated clothes touch becomes contaminated, even their hampers, containers, and washing machines. Additionally, feces and urine contain pathogens that can cause illnesses.

      “When you wash these clothes, you transfer these germs to the entire load of laundry, even subsequent loads if you’re not using a protocol,” she said

      The protocol she specifically mentions means bleach and water that is considerably hotter than typical household laundry machine operates using.

      reusable toilet paper etsy
      Buy Reusable Toilet Paper

      How to Clean the Reusable Toilet Paper Cloths

      People who use reusable toilet paper place used clothes into containers with vinegar, peroxide, or other antibacterial chemicals. It’s important to use gloves when you put them into the washing machine to avoid any skin contact. However, you should wash your hands afterwards.

      E. coli is the bacteria most likely to persist on toilet paper. The digestive tract and urine contain it, and if eaten, it causes severe abdominal cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting. Heat and bleach are needed to kill this type of bacteria. Otherwise, anything these cloths touch could be contaminated, including whatever laundry you put next into your washing machine. If you have a sanitize setting on your washing machine, use it.

      The presence of this bacteria is a major reason why many people are skeptical about reusable toilet paper. Regular toilet paper is usually biodegradable if you are worried about the environment. You should also factor in the energy costs of regularly using hot water in the washing machine, as well as the cost of bleach.

      In addition, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that the container or bag containing the used fabric should be sealed and avoided being shaken to stop air contamination. Plus, the cycle should last a minimum of 25 minutes with a water temperature of 160°F (71°C). Protect the clean and dry clothes from dust and other air pollutants by storing them in a sealed container.

      How to Make Reusable Toilet Paper

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Frugal Savings The Reusable Toilet Paper Debate, where do you stand?