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      Suzanne, It is the little things that can bring great joy. I have

      changed my way of thinking. I found that the hunt for things to

      purchase often seemed to give me happiness. New found happiness is

      not always coming home with stuff to put away.

      I too loved to get a cup of coffee out as well. I found a cool travel

      mug in the far far back of the kitchen cabinet. It comes with me. The

      Nalgene I bought severaal years ago at Zion np travels to work with

      me too. it spends the night half full of water in the freezer and

      topped off in the am. really cold water is a treat in the summer


      the thing is, the fast food places and coffee shops have the biggest

      profit margin on the beverages. sometimes it is worth it to buy a

      donut and drink your home brewed coffee.

      i love to crochet. yarn can be expensive. estate and garage sales

      become great friends of mine. the thrill is once again the hunt. it

      has become the giving too…i make baby afghans for donation. that

      makes you feel good too.

      when scrapbooking got expensive. a group of us started getting

      together once a month at a church to ideas and materials. it is a

      great. check on line for a group in your area.

      little bits of extra saved money is hard to directly stick on a bill.

      i put it in a bank. every so often it becomes enough for grocery

      money for a week. it becomes a cash week and the usual funds easily

      get to pay extra on a bill

      good luck

      karen in colorado

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