Stuff I’d Like to See General The Laws of Motherhood by P.A. Mosset

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      The Laws of Motherhood by P.A. Mosset

      If I teach my children half of what they teach me, I will have done my job.

      I began to help them clean up the mess of toys sprawling across the bedroom floor when I see a brand new box of what appears to be some sort of power tool. I stop to question them, “What is this and where did you get it?” A look of terror comes over my 4 year olds face as I hear, “MOMMY, you’re not supposed to find that, it’s your Christmas present!!!!!!”

      As I read the contents of the package the Grinch in me takes over and I turn to my oldest child to ask, with a tone soaked in sarcasm, “Is this true, did your father really get me a portable air compressor for Christmas?” Apparently by 9 years old you can recognize when a Christmas gift is not fully appreciated and there is laughter in the response, “Yup, that’s what dad got you.”

      By now the youngest is crying because mom finding her Christmas present early is as close to a natural disaster as a 4 year old can imagine. As I bend down to wipe the tears, two little arms wrap around my neck and I hear a whisper in my ear, “But Mommy, now we won’t ever have to worry about you being stuck out in the cold with a flat tire.” Suddenly, I love my portable air compressor; it’s one of my favorite gifts.

      It doesn’t matter how old I get, it seems every year I need to be reminded….. “Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more….” Dr. Seuss

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Stuff I’d Like to See General The Laws of Motherhood by P.A. Mosset