The Japanese Shit Burger- is it a Real Thing?

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      Saving Moola

      OMG Whatever will they come up with next…This will make you never want to eat a burger again… The latest Solution to the Global Food Crisis- Let them eat TURD BURGERS

      Shit Burger: Japanese Scientists Created Artificial Meat From Human Excrement!

      Most hardcore carnivores have hard time while finding meat alternatives like soy protein, tofu burgers, etc. to be palatable. Whereas, the non-meat eaters might lose their appetite with their carnivorous friends on this one; the meat alternative created from HUMAN EXCREMENT.

      Yes, you heard me right- a Japanese scientist named Mitsuyuki Ikeda has made a “burger” made out of soya, steak sauce concentrate, and a protein extracted from the human feces. Just hit the break to see the video explaining its process!

      Meatpacking industry itself causes 18 percent of the total greenhouse gas emissions, generally due to release of methane coming from animals.

      Livestock industry also consumes higher amounts of feed as well as water when compared to amount of meat which it produces, and a lot of people find this industry to be atrocious and cruel to most animals.

      These factors are the prime reason for vegetarians to swap their meat eating with the vegetable proteins and legumes.

      However, Ikeda- well known scientist at Environmental Assessment Center situated in Okayama has sought to promote the field of substitute proteins by recycling one form of protein-loaded waste: sewage mud.

      shit burger

      This “sewage mud” is precisely what you think- the poop. Mr. Ikeda’s process starts by extracting the protein and lipids from this “mud” where the lipids are combined with reaction enhancer and then whipped into “meat” with the help of an exploder.

      He then makes poop more acceptable- he adds soya as well as steak sauce to it. At present, the price of this poop burger is almost 15 times more than that of the regular meat- mostly due to a higher cost of research in it. But Ikeda feels that they will be able to even out in coming few years.

      He also admits that “few people” might have psychological dislike for eating artificial meat created from their own poop, but he also thinks numerous people would be more open to it- personally completing food chain.

      Ikeda also notes that these burgers are very low in fat. Artificial meat is lower in fat plus it reduces waste as well as carbon emissions, but it’s hard to consider that any amount of benefits could influence consumers to bite a poop sandwich.

      Btw, this is entirely real, you can read all about it in FORBES.

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      Um.. waste not, want not?

      It is made up of 63 per cent protein, 25 per cent carbohydrates, three per cent lipids and nine per cent minerals.

      But how has it gone down with the public? Well the team claims that in initial tests people reported it was delicious and tasted like beef.


      You can read more about it in the Daily Mail Reporter news in the UK.



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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Frugal Savings The Japanese Shit Burger- is it a Real Thing?