The gift of warmth

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      I am giving this to my two good friends this year:

      Cheap basket (dollar tree) with the following inside:

      Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix (I’m putting my mexican hot cocoa mix)
      A holiday mug (dollar tree)
      Polar Fleece scarf (each one costs under $3 in material and takes me 20 minutes to make)
      Hand Warmers (Hot Hands, available at walmart in the hunting section: $2 for 2 packs)

      Tag will read: Wishing you Warmth this Christmas

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      That is a really cute idea. Everyone appreciates warm things when its cold out.

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      A nice warm gift your friends will recieve. How thoughtful.

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      What a nice idea. Economical & thoughtful. May try this for those ‘always cold’ family members. Thanks.

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      my mother in law was talking about how she does something similar to this.. instead of making scarfs, she buys them from goodwill during the summer, and braids 2 or 3 of them together and makes the “wrapping” paper for the basket for whomever. i think it’s a great idea for everyone.

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