The gift of Duct Tape

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      Re: Buying clever frugal gifts is dangerous for me!!

      I love buying good deals like the embroidered linens, aprons, etc.
      that you mentioned. It’s so fun. But I really can’t use much of this
      sort of thing myself, and neither can anyone I know.

      So my solution is to sell stuff on eBay! This allows me to do a
      little recreational shopping at the thriftshops and also to make some

      My average eBay income is about $500 a month, and I only work at it a
      few hours per week. I shop at thriftshops once a week, photograph and
      list things once a week, and pack and mail stuff out once or twice a

      I started doing this about 6 years ago when I was homeschooling my
      youngest child, and it has basically paid for itself and for the
      groceries for all these years.

      It takes discipline, though…so don’t even think about doing this
      unless you’re really going to follow through! Otherwise you will just
      stockpile stuff that you’re going to get on eBay “someday….”


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