The gift of Duct Tape

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      Re: Buying clever frugal gifts is dangerous for me!!

      Agreed! A budget is definitely a good idea!

      The other things I do is write a list of things I’m interested. I don’t do this right before I go shopping, but along the way so to speak.

      For example: old canning jars, antique frames, and so on. I take this list with me when I go thrifting, so if it’s not on the list, I don’t buy it. but, sometimes, there’s just something too cute that’s not on my list, which is when i turn to budgeting and timing.

      i only go thrift shopping on tuesdays, every week (or every other week, every months, etc depending on my budget) and give myself an amount to spend, leaving all the other payment methods at home.

      i won’t do any other shopping while i do my thrifting, because it’s too tempting then to take the checkbook, etc.

      hope this helps, have a great holiday!


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