The gift of Duct Tape

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      Re: : Buying clever frugal gifts is dangerous for me!!

      Hi there,

      This is the first time I have posted too 🙂 I have the same problem as you – I love to find bargains but then I realize that it does all add up! Where I live there are soooo many cheap shops (I live in the middle east, but I’m from Australia). I kind of went a little crazy when we got here and thought – oh, this is so much cheaper than back home!

      And bought lots of cheap things… but, did I really need them all? No, probably not.

      I think for next year I really want to avoid going to the shops as much as possible.

      And I want to write down everything I have spent so that I am more aware of where those little bits and pieces are going…

      Merry Christmas


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