The Giant Spider Web Game

Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween The Giant Spider Web Game

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      My mom used to do this all the time for my birthday/halloween parties and it was one of my favorite things. All you need is a lot of black yarn, plastic spider rings and some cool prizes (candy bars usually work well!).
      All you have to do is drape a really long piece of yarn across a room (wrapped gently around couches, chairs, etc.) to form the “base” of the spider web. Then, cut the remaining yarn into extremely long lengths (one piece of yarn for each guest invited – make sure the yarn length is very long, probably several yards), tie a “prize” on one end and a plastic spider on the other.

      Hide the “prize” end somewhere in the room and start wrapping the yarn around the existing web base. Repeat with all the lenghts so that when you are done, you should have all the spider ends at one end of the room, all the yarn in a tangled web in the middle of the room and the “prize” end of each piece hidden in the room. All the guests have to do is start with the spider and somehow untangle thier piece of yarn from the rest of the web to get to the other end (stepping over, under, and basically getting tangled in the spider web)….and ultimately, the PRIZE!

      (This is definitely a tangled web when done, so feel free to go crazy with the yarn!)

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      Thank you for a great game idea! I think a group of 11/12 year olds will like this.

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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween The Giant Spider Web Game