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Holidays & Special Occasions Easter- Ostara The Color Basket

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      craft materials:
      any size or shape basket
      treats (all the same color)
      easter grass

      time needed: under 1 Hour
      1. Choose a color theme. It could be your child’s favorite color or an Easter pastel.

      2. Find a basket any shape or size and fill it with Easter grass.

      3. Tie a colored bow onto the handle of the basket.

      4. Fill the basket with goodies, making sure that they are the right color. You can choose from a variety of treats: stuffed animals, toy tops, candy, chocolate bunnies, colored markers, socks, T-shirts, or pencils.

      5. Add a paper tag. You may want to cut it in the shape of a flower that coordinates with your color choice (i.e., a purple theme basket could have a tulip or lilac).

      Another colorful tag option: cut out a white paper artist’s palette and dab on paints — all in shades of the specific color.

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Holidays & Special Occasions Easter- Ostara The Color Basket