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      I do not homeschool my children but I know alot of parents do. I thought this
      was great resource and a very interesting article and wanted to share.

      The $30 Homeschool
      by Krista Schmidt
      Homeschooling doesn’t have to break the bank

      When we first made the decision to homeschool, I sat down with
      every homeschool curriculum catalog I could get my hands on. I
      circled everything I just knew we needed to get us started.
      $867 later, I threw my hands up and declared, “We can’t afford
      to homeschool!”

      So, how much does it cost? I guess it depends on who you ask.
      I have had people tell me you just can’t homeschool for less
      that $2,000 per kid, per year. I have also had people tell me
      they homeschool their kids for free.

      How, you ask? Simple!

      Homeschooling doesn’t have to break the bank. With some
      creativity, we were able to homeschool our kids for about $30
      per kid last year. Here are just a few of the many things that

      * There are so many great things available on the Internet
      that it can almost seem overwhelming! Once I decide what we
      will be learning, I spend an evening searching the Internet
      for worksheets, teaching ideas, theme ideas and whatever else
      I can find.

      * You can find just about anything at a yard sale or thrift
      store! If you come across a math book that is three levels
      higher than what you currently need, grab it! You will need it
      some day, and chances are, you will never find it as cheaply

      * Always check out the bargain shelf at your local bookstore.
      I have found so many things for sometimes pennies on the
      dollar including a “kids nature book” we will be using for a
      year-long nature study for $1.50.

      * Don’t be afraid to ask around! My mom had a great set of
      books called “The Life and Times of…” sitting on her shelf
      collecting dust. Now they are a great way for my kids to study
      the lives of some of history’s greatest people.

      * For school supplies, you can’t beat the “back-to-school”
      sales at your local “super-mart.” We buy all of the notebook
      paper we will need for the year for 10 cents a pack.

      * Library card, library card, library card! If you live in an
      area where using the library is feasible, you can save
      thousands! (Just remember to get the books back on time so all
      of your savings doesn’t go to over due book fines!)

      * Preview! If you do decide to make a purchase, ask around and
      see if anyone you know already owns it. Borrow it for the
      weekend if possible, but if not, even a few minutes at your
      weekly park day can give you a good idea if it is worth your

      * Many stores offer an educator’s perks ranging anywhere from
      10% to free services. Book stores, office supply stores and
      even some lumberyards offer this discount! I have only been
      turned down for an educator discount once, and after I
      explained to them that under my state’s law I am an educator,
      they cheerfully handed me the application.

      * Almost every place I have been that charges admission,
      including zoos, museums, parks, living history museums, has at
      least one day a month where they offer free admission. Come up
      with a list of places you would like to visit and give them
      each a call. Ask if they offer a free admission day, when it
      is, and if it is the same day every week (or month).

      Make a
      calendar page noting any important information and hand it out
      to your homeschooling group. There is your field trip list for
      the next few months!

      As you can see, there are many ways to save money when
      homeschooling. We have found that saving a few cents here and
      there when we can has added up to enough savings to allow us
      to really splurge when we want to!

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