That time of year again

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      Well gang, it is that time of year again…..

      What??? you may be asking yourself…. Just let me explain.

      See last year we started a Nichols Family Christmas dinner. We invited some of the younger people in our church that were around our age (20-30) over for a Christmas dinner. We had Ham, rolls, green bean casserole, corn pudding, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, etc.

      We also had about 8 people there total.

      Well hubby, asked me last night if we were going to have it again this year. so……..I guess we are. I am inviting about 10 people.

      But, besides the ham, I need some suggestions on what to fix.

      Also, I am going to be sending out RSVP invitations because I am going to ask each person or couple to bring something. ie. a bag of ice, a couple of 2-liters, a dessert.

      Is that tacky???? Most of the people will want to bring something anyway, so I thought that that would help. What are your ideas??

      Thanks so much for all of the help!!!

      I will send in the invite once I have it made up.

      *Mrs. Denial Renae Nichols*

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