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      > I am inviting about 10 people. But, besides the ham, I need some
      suggestions on what to fix.

      If it is semi-casulal to casual I would stay fairly simple, so you
      have time to enjoy the company and less stress. These are my
      suggestions for sides…
      Candied yams, mashed potatoes, green bean caserole, deviled eggs,
      salad, apple pie, stuffing, and a nice veggie tray to munch on before
      or after dinner.
      > Also, I am going to be sending out RSVP invitations because I am
      going to ask each person or couple to bring something. ie.

      a bag of
      ice, a couple of 2-liters, a dessert. Is that tacky???? Most of the
      people will want to bring something anyway, so I thought that that
      would help.

      I asked my dh and his friends (who come every saturday for
      movies/dinner) what would be a none “tacky” way to do this… their
      answer is to list the menu that you are supplying and invite them to
      a “potluck christmas dinner” so that when they get the invite they
      know that it is going to be asked of them to bring something. you can
      word the invite to let them know that it is not necessary to bring an
      item to come, though.
      possibly having people rsvp over the phone instead of mail will keep
      it more casual feeling and you can discuss what needs to be brought
      or any special food needs.

      does this help? lol.


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