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      >>We are spending our Thanksgiving at Myrtle Beach, SC for our annual vacation. We are on a tight budget and would like some input on things we can do to save money as far as meals and entertainment go. We will have our 14 year old daughter and 11 year old son with us.

      We are
      planning to cook meals in but would like to eat out atleast once or twice. Please let us know of any ideas you have to keep our vacation
      frugal as possible. Thanks!!<<

      You could stay at the State Park (just down the road from Myrtle Beach, it has the Most Gorgeous beach you can imagine.

      That would drastically cut your costs.

      Also, you can get various coupon booklets at any of the shops for 10-30% off.

      Have your meals out during lunchtime, rather than dinner, that alone will cut the cost in half.

      If you are willing to waste about 1 1/2-2 hours of your vacation- you can walk up and down the boardwalk and a body snatcher (some fool who gets paid to annoy people about timeshares) will offer you money to listen to a presentation (offer) on a timeshare.

      Act like you’re semi-interested but about to walk away and they will keep going up and up until you agree. (Usually about $100- $120 cash, plus a couple free hotel stays-, or Cash & a Dinner Show. )

      The ones at Myrtle often require a $20 down payment to make sure you’ll actually show up.

      (They’ll give you a receipt).

      Most of the time you will also get a free buffett meal, breakfast or lunch, with this package and if you have younger children, they have free childcare (which is provided in a room full of various games, etc).

      Btw, in Myrtle beach, the best place for the body snatchers is located beside the Ripleys Haunted House- there is a nice “information” booth where they hang out.

      Once you’re at the “presentation” you can often cut it short by letting them know you have dogs & routinely bring them on vacation with you.

      I love these- great way to get cash and dinner show tickets, as well as free hotel stays.

      Have a great vacation,


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