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      Anyone have a Thanksgiving problems they can discuss/exchange info about?

      Anyone else?

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      I have a very stress free thanksgiving, my family lives several states away and with the weather we never know if it is good to travel so every stays home. Guess I am not much help here huh, LOL

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      Our Thanksgiving is pretty stress free here too! dh is away but he doesn’t really like thanksgiving due to all the food. our church is putting on thanksgiving for anyone who is alone or can’t afford to put on a meal.

      at home both my dd’s are begging to cook the whole meal so i’ll enjoy the day off and let them handle it. all 3 of my sons will be home so will stay home and do our Regular Thanksgiving meal.

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      I am going to prepare dinner for 5 homeless people and deliver it the night before, only catch, I am working day before so i need to prep food a few days before hand, menu includes, turkey( my DS will cook it the day of for me) green bean casserole, I will prep and shelter can heat it up, mashed potaoes, I figured I will would cook potatoes a head of time then heat and mash day before. Cranberry sauce, canned so no prep, and rolls, no prep, any other suggestions? oh yeah, I will also make Bisquick pumpkin pie.

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      How awesome Catlady! Dressing would be easy to add! You can do dressing up in the morning on low in the crockpot or last minute if you use the stovetop stuffing mix.

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      I just found out I will be doing the cooking this year for my family. This is great, but I have never cooked a turkey before, so this should be interesting, haha.

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      I use the oven bags. All you do is put the turkey in the bag, close, slice a few slits and put it in the oven.

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      It’s not a problem, but I for one have never really liked or enjoyed Thanksgiving. Actually, any holiday that requires one person, like me to do a lot of cooking for others is part of my definition of H**L!!! I guess I’m odd, but I really don’t enjoy cooking, and positively hate the smell of Turkey cooking.

      When my Mom was alive, she’d often have the dinner, or come here and cook a lot of it. However, there have been Thanksgivings in the past where I’ve put the food on the table and left the room. After cooking all day, the last thing I want is anything I’ve prepared.

      Once I was finished with clean-up, I would have something very store bought.
      One year, I was so miserable at the thought of cooking I bought the dinner prepared from a local grocery store. Everything was cooked, all you had to do was heat it up. I doubt that anyone could have told the difference if they didn’t know it was store bought.

      Other than eating at someone else’s that was probably the best Thanksgiving I had as an adult.
      Now, I am even luckier, as my daughter-in-law’s family loves big get together’s and invites hubby, other son, and me to join them. I usually take something, often purchased. There’s so many there, no one really notices you that much!!
      Gloria, who will rag on Thanksgiving any time.

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      Oh Gloria! thanks for reminding us all that not everyone likes being in the kitchen! I’ve always loved cooking but approaching 60 must say if someone else wants to cook or help, they are more than welcome!

      My 16 Yr. old twins begged to cook all Thanksgiving this year. I couldn’t say yes to them fast enough!

      I make every thing from scratch every day so will gladly accept the day off! The guys in our home always do the clean up after big meals so the whole burden doesn’t fall on one person. Enjoy your day off and meal at the in-laws who love to do what you don’t want to!

      Sounds like a win-win day to me!

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      I’m with you Gloria, only my birthday sometimes falls on Thanksgiving day.
      This year it will only be hubby and me so no stress…if he doesn’t like it…tough turkey!!!

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Holidays & Special Occasions Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Problems