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      can some people post what special things they are making for the holidays. This Christmas is going to be really special in my house . One of my children will be 18 and my husband should be finally be off work this year !

      So if that is not reasons to party , what is ? To make the day even more special I hope to have some good food.


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      For Christmas I usually do a ham with deviled eggs, broccoli casserole, potatoes, and whatever else I throw in there.

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      I usually make lots of cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, candies, breads, fresh veggies and fruits, dips crackers and cheeses meat and dips. We usually do a turkey for Christmas as well. I will also ask the boys to list two items that they would like and fix them for either Christmas Eve or for Christmas day.

      Sometimes we do a chili/cheese/and tortilla chips, little smokies, mac and cheese, soups and we will throw that into our Christmas dinner.

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      Thanksgiving we make a turkey and we buy a small Honeybaked ham. And then I usually make green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and peanut butter pie. 😀 I’m looking forward to it all – only 2 weeks away!

      And Xmas – we do pretty much the same thing all over again. 😀

      I’m very excited that this year I’ll get to have Thanksgiving in my very new apartment!

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      We do xmas dinner a little differently because it’s Grandpa’s birthday. Usually we have prime rib because he hate’s turkey. Last year we went totally unconventional, we bbq’d gourmet hamburgers, with homemade hamburger buns.

      it was such a hit! we made it fancy enough for xmas but the kids were so excited to eat burgers on a holiday.

      we do alot of baking…. carmel corn, sparkeling english toffee cookies, fudge, and of course sugar cookies decorated to the hilt. we also do a different handmade ornament each year for our tree.

      nicole in ca

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      We are not Turkey people, so we either do a roast of some kind, or roasted chickens. I always make a hot spinach and artichoke dip, and a cheese ball. The usal stuffings, and homemade rolls.

      Desset is never eaten until a day later so I am still thinking about what to make for that! I hope you have a wonderful Holiday it sounds like you are excited and have every reason to have a really blessed day. Good luck!

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      for thanksgiving we do turkey stuffing green bean casserol sweet potatoe pie and mashed potoates from scratch with butter and sr cream in it and then either pumpkin pie and lemon merange or mince meat pie
      and then for christmas we do almost the same except sometimes a ham instead of turkey oh yeah and always hard rolls

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes General Recipes thanksgiving and Christmas