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      This Thanksgiving family project is fun and easy and will help celebrate the holiday and give thanks.

      Take a vase, with some nice branches (you can get at a craft store or just go outside and get some) if you get them from outside – spray them with glitter (it is gorgeous!!) the during the month of November, make some tags to hang from your Thankful tree explaining what you and your family are thankful for. I used luggage tags, On one side write “I’m thankful for….” and then on the other side your family can each write what they are thankful for on their own tag. Run a ribbon through the hole and hang from your tree.

      You can do this as often or as little as you like. For example, you can sit down in one sitting and each do several tags or you can make it a Sunday project where every Sunday you each do one and add it to the tree. Its your choice based on your family’s schedule.

      Then on Thanksgiving dinner you move the Thankful tree to your table and it can be your centerpiece.

      Then when Thanksgiving is over add them to a scrapbook or special box. When your kids are older they will have fun looking at what they wrote. :055:

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      Lynn, your Thankful Tree is a very good idea. Together time too.

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      Really great idea! This could also be done at a Baby Shower – write best wishes for the baby & mom or write advice for the new parents. You could also do this for a wedding reception or bridal shower – write best wishes for the couple or write advice for the newlyweds!

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      Oh yeah I think that baby shower is an excellent idea too…..

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      I have my thankful tree ready with the tags, all of our guests will be able to write something they are thankful for..I am excited!!!

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Holidays & Special Occasions Thanksgiving Thankful Tree