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      I can’t tell if you are saying you don’t need any more ideas, or just
      being thankful for the ones you’ve already gotten. So, just to be
      safe, I will put my two cents in. Avocados are very high in healthy
      fat- try them as gaucamole with potato/corn chips (you may actually
      want to look for fried as opposed to baked chips, but that is not the
      healthiest kind of fat). An easy ‘recipe’ for guacamole is to mash one
      avocado with salsa (I have a great homemade recipe for this if you
      want, or you can buy at the store). You can use mild salsa if he is
      not big on spice, and add salt, pepper and cumin if it needs more
      flavor. Some people like their guacamole creamier, and you can add
      sour cream for that. Try to make sure dairy products are all full fat.

      I have a young cousin who is a bit underweight, and the doctor told
      her grandmother that giving her half-and-half instead of milk to drink
      and on her cereal would be good. The girl loves it!

      I have a little trouble with my weight too, and I drink slimfast
      shakes! They have about 500 calories a peice. As a meal replacement,
      it is skimpy (hence diet drink), but I drink it between or with meals
      as an easy way to add calories. It has quite a few for a drink. I
      don’t know if it has corn syrup though.

      Olives are another good source of fat, so if your son likes these, you
      might try to indulge him as often as possible. Black olives are good
      with almost anything mexican or italian, and chili too. Green olives
      are good with meat and cheese roll-ups, which is high calorie all
      around. This is a healthy fat- think olive oil!

      Protein bars are another option. You will have to check the
      ingredients to be sure they are not just candy bars, and you might
      have to expirament a little before you find some he really likes. Once
      you do, though, he might think it’s like getting a candy bar and you
      won’t have to worry about ‘making’ him eat them.

      Finally, I concur with the warning on soy. It has enough phytoestrogen
      to reduce and even eliminate menopausal symptoms in a woman who no
      longer produces as much of her own estrogen. Would you give your son
      estrogen supplements? There haven’t been many studies in this area,
      but a lot of people are beginning to think males should not have much
      soy because of that, especially before puberty. I have heard that tofu
      and soymilk don’t have enough phytoestrogens to worry about
      (Prevention Magazine), but I only heard it once, and I’m not sure what
      they based that statement on.

      Hope this helps! (and sorry so long)

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Thank you/Reagrding weight for son