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      I would just like to say thank you to everyone that contributes to this site. My family has been dealing with financial issues of late and the recipes and tips have greatly helped us save money to go toward getting our finances back on track. We still have a ways to go, but it will be a lot easier with everything that I have learned. Keep up the great work and don’t stop posting!!

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      Yeap ,it also helped me a lot ,especially some saving tips help me save a lot of money .the cooking tips help me get fatter ,lol .

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      Me three, haha. I love this site I can always glean information quickly and it’s well organized. The members are very helpful and unlike many other sites I’ve been part of, this one does NOT tolerated mean spirited attacks/posts. I love that. Welcome to the site, we’re glad you’re here with us!

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      I just joined recently and I have to agree. I have spent WAY too much time here but I have found so much good stuff I can’t stop browsing.showered with love

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      This is my first time to read such warm words since I joined this forum.I don’t always post posts since I joined,but I am witnessing the warm moment from every member.Thanks for your sharing.

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      thanks for you too
      great person
      good luck

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Stuff I’d Like to See General Thank you!!