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      Hi, I’m a native born Texan currently living in NE Texas just across the OK/TX line. I live in a rural area, a town equipped with a Dollar General, a local grocery store (poor selection, high prices) and 3 convenience stores. It’s 15 miles to the nearest, better grocery store, and either 24 or 27 miles one way or the other to a larger town with stores such as Walmart, United and/or Albertsons. Add to that the facts that I’m a single parent, low income, SAHM, with a barely dependable vehicle and you come up with me making very few trips to larger stores.

      I have been attempting to plan my meals lately but all I seem to manage are my weekly dinners. This of course makes one of two things happen…I either have to buy my groceries and then fix whatever I can from what I buy or I have to plan for a week and make weekly trips to the store, using more gas than I can really afford.

      I really want to be able to plan a months worth of meals, b’fast, lunch, dinner & snacks and be able to have the majority of the things I need on hand to follow through on that planning. I joined this community today even though I’ve known about budget101.com for a very long time. I also joined grocerybudget101.com .

      Looking forward to reading any tips, pointers or helpful hints already here and any that are posted in the future. Off to do my profile now so I’ll be more “friendly” to everyone. csmile1  smilie

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      Hello and Welcome! Glad you decided to join, it is good to have you here. Lots of information here on this site. If you have questions don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks; Virginia

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      Hi tspinks ~ Glad you finally decided to join, I am sure you will find some helpful information. As Virgina said “any questions just ask”!

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      Welcome to the site. I am sure you will find lots of ideas here to help you plan your menus. If you need help, just post. We all love to offer ideas on how to use items and share what works and would love to hear what your thoughts are. Enjoy.

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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! Texas Newbie