Terra-cotta Nativity Trio

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      2 small terra-cotta pots
      1 small terra-cotta saucer
      Acrylic paint
      Fine-point marker
      3 wooden knobs, one smaller than the others
      Tacky glue
      Embroidery floss

      Time Needed: 1-2 hours

      1. Paint the terra-cotta pots and saucer. Use a fine-point marker to draw faces on the wooden knobs.

      2. Once the paint is dry, turn the pots upside down and use tacky glue to attach a larger head to the bottom of each pot. When the glue is dry, drape a piece of fabric around the top of each head and tie it in place with embroidery floss.

      3. Form a swaddling blanket from another piece of cloth, as shown, gluing it to secure the shape. Glue the small head to the blanket and set it in the saucer on a bed of raffia.

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