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      I’ve been experiencing heavy headaches which are usually getting my neck tight pains. I had a checkup and found out they’re called tension headaches. I’m glad I can use stronger pain relievers to help me deal with the pain.

      I am unable to finish doing some work when it hits me. I was told that I can also undergo some kind of therapies to resolve the headaches. Have you heard of these therapies?

      If yes, can you give me some info?

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      No expereince with therapies. Did the doctor explain what they were? I don’t get tension headaches, but have had, still having migraines for 52 (at least, that I can remember, and was told by my Mom) of my 55 years.

      Fortunately, I now have a medication that takes care of them most of the time.
      I would ask, do you know what is causing the tension to then cause the headaches? Can you remove or reduce the tension?
      A couple of things to try, I have heard that drining water, as we are often de-hydrated. Also, again, something I read, drinking Gatorade for the electrolites.
      The one therapy I am familar with, and have tried for the migraines, is a form of “meditation” which is basically, just trying to get in a very quiet place, reduce all outside stimulus, and focus on one very “bland” thing.

      While I’m sure it “helps” very little besides something that attacks the physical cause of a migraine really does anything worth mentioning.
      I did also try hypnosis for awhile, and that is basically, what I took from it, the meditation mentioned above. As I said, it doesn’t hurt, but for a migraine, it didn’t make a difference.
      Good luck, and hope you find and remove the source of the tension.

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      If you can find the cause that would be the best route, however, sometimes very impossible if you can not make the stress trigger stop. Years back I had one doctor who was very patient with helping me to find an inexpensive way to end the tension headaches. One thing that he thought might have been trigger them was the sewing machine and computer.

      You sit for several hours at these machines and sometimes forget to sit properly which pulls on your should and neck muscles. Aleve is the strongest over the counter medicine that seems to curb the pain for awhile. When it gets really bad the one thing that really does help is to sit in a shower, turn the water on as hot as you can handle without burning yourself, and let it hit on your shoulder, neck and back of head for about ten minutes.

      The steam and massage of the water will help. Today, I still on occasion need the shower, but the minute I feel the pain take the medicine and go for a walk for about ten minutes when I am at work.
      Best to you with this.

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