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      i shop there quite a bit and they have there own brands and sometimes

      gete in name brands. i buy a lot of there stuff to be honest because

      they are the cheapest in the area, and to get to any store i either

      head there witch is about 20 mins away or to the big city witch is 30

      mins the other way. i go there becuase for the store brand there vs

      walmart store brand i save about 15 dollars a week. not a lot untill

      you add it up for a month or year. i still have to shop at walmart for

      somethings but not for every thing.

      — In, “apiamama” wrote:


      > While passing through a near by town today I noticed a Save-a-lot

      > store. I’m not familiar with this company and after looking at their

      > website and seeing some of the prices I’m still not sure it would be

      > worth the drive (25m)…given the price of gas right now!LOL


      > Can some of you that shop at a Save-a-lot tell me what you


      > about your local store? Do you think you save money? Would you/do you

      > buy groceries there every week, or just every once in a while?


      > Many thanks in advance for the opinions…


      > Lisa G.


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