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      I’ll have to check on the web site and see if there is one in my

      “running area”. I do make trips to other towns on occasion.

      I shopped at ours when we had one. First caution: take bags or

      stacking crates. If they are all the same, the clerk will ring up

      your purchases and place them in another shopping cart. You are

      responsible for bagging/boxing your own items. They do have bags for

      sale, but why not take your own? They will have boxes in front to

      use, too, but sometimes those will get low. I’ve even taken my own

      stacking crate boxes to use when I’ve done a stocking up run on canned stuff.

      They get “off-brand” items, store brands from various areas. I never

      bought the fresh produce there, but regularly went in for canned

      mushrooms. Other things I would buy there include ramen noodles,

      canned fruit, tomato sauce, laundry detergent, fabric softener,

      sandwich meat, and bread.

      Ann in Arkansas

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