Teeth Grinding

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      I can so relate to you! I cleanch my teeth and that has caused jaw,
      head, and neck pain, not to mention several cracked fillings & need
      for crowns.

      While I would say to spend the money and get one cast at your
      dentist – that is the best route to take, but obviously not the
      cheapest – there are other alternatives. I’ve found one similar to
      the other person who responded at Walgreens (in Tucson there’s one on
      practically every corner!) and at Target for around $20-25. There’s
      a website that I’ve found for a company called Splintex (I think – I
      saw it in an airline magazine of all places) that has a better
      quality biteguard that runs about $60. Basically they’re the same –
      semi-hard plastic that you drop in hot water to soften, and then bite
      into to mold to your teeth.

      I approached my dentist about these as a band-aid approach and while
      he didn’t out right say not to, he of course warned against anything
      that isn’t created specifically for your mouth as it runs the risk of
      messing up your bite in the long run. However, I think that if you
      have a problem, it’d be better than doing nothing and wearing your
      teeth down more.

      In terms of stress, I’m sure you know that (ducking in case Cindy
      throws something 🙂 yoga/pilates/exercise in general can help. But
      even when I was doing that on a regular basis, I still clenched at
      night. When I woke up, I’d get stressed because I was doing it, which
      made it worse… it’s all a vicious cycle, isn’t it?! I found that
      taking an herbal remedy helped me – I took either straight Valerian,
      or a combo of valerian, skullcap & hops (there’s a brand that’s in a
      yellow bottle that has this combo… can’t remember the name
      though.) I took the tablets about an hour before bed and it helped
      relax me just enough that it helped me go to sleep faster & I didn’t
      clench as badly.

      Good luck!!


      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “Cindy Sue Cindysioux@y…”
      > Hello all 🙂 hope you are all having a great day. I have a problem
      and need some help. I have suffered with migraines for over 4 months
      now. We have finally determined after and MRI, a Cat Scan and an
      emergency room visit or two. I grind my teeth which causes muscle
      strain in my face which causes me to get week long migraines. So I
      have been muddling through trying to figure out what and why and have
      so far incurred over 2,000 dollars in un-covered medical expenses. I
      can’t afford another $500.00 bucks for a bite guard is there an
      inexpensive alternative?

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