Teens and Money

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      I thought this was a neat site for others like myself who are parents to teens!!
      Teresa in Texas


      Your teen may be earning money from her first real job, asking for plastic
      to use online, or trying to save for college. Find out what you can do to help
      with this big step toward independence.


      Teens and Work
      Find out if your child is ready for the world of work. Then get the tips
      and resources you need to make sure she finds a job that’s right for her.
      Is Your Teen Ready for a Job?
      The Five Worst Jobs for Teens
      Career Planning Resources

      Teaching Your Teen to Budget
      Help your teen look at the big picture before he gets surprised by credit
      card bills, bounced checks, or ATM charges.
      Money for Nothing?
      Students and Credit Card Debt
      What Works: Teaching Teens to Budget
      Talking to Kids About Money

      Paying for College
      Get information on finding, saving, and investing money for college.
      Finding Money for College
      Applying for Financial Aid
      Tips on Financing College

      Calculators and Tools
      Use our calculator to help your teen budget, save, invest, and estimate
      how much college will cost.
      What Will It Take to Save for College?
      What Will It Take to Pay Off My Balance?
      What Will It Take to Become a Millionaire?

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