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      My daughter will become a teen-ager the first of May. She’s always had a
      birthday party with friends and sleepover in the past. This time, I’d like
      to do something totally unexpected, way-out, and fun to celebrate her
      ‘coming of age’. I am at a total loss however!! I’m creative, but coming
      up with initial ideas to get the ball rolling is tough.

      DD says she’d like to have a ‘hotel party’. It’s where the girls swim at
      the hotel’s indoor pool, munch on pizza and spend the night in a hotel. I’m
      not sure what the novelty of that is, but I did check on Embassy Suites
      (which would offer free breakfast too), but that would be $100. Other
      hotels are cheaper, but with just 1 room, I’d for sure get no sleep!! And
      this being the Budget 101 group, I’d like to do something a little less

      Any ideas, suggestions or suggested websites?


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