Tea tree oil dangers

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      i have heard to use tea tree oil shampoos expecially around head lice

      season and it will help to keep the lice away. any word on this?

      also. i usually shower with my 5 year old daughter. as i am showering

      and washing my hair she sets in the bottom and plays until her turn.

      uses less water and it keeps me in the bathroom while she is in the

      tub. so, should this tea tree oil not be recommended in my situation?

      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “Charlene Ada Willoughby”



      > Just be careful. Don’t get it internally, even in your eyes or

      open sores. It can make you horribly ill and even can cause death.

      I’ve did alot or research on it. I’ve read some case studies.

      > Prolonged use in the ears can cause deafness too. I do use the tea

      tree shampoo occasionally but with care.


      > Char

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