Tea Tree Oil ?

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      I use the tea tree oil for a lot of things. But mainly I put a few drops in with my vinegar/water mixture in my spray bottle, and it makes a great all purpose cleaner. I use that mixure when the dog accidentally pees on the carpet.

      I use it for my kitchen countertops. Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial properties. I have also been known to put it on scrapes or small cuts.

      It tastes real nasty, but if you put it on a q-tip and swab your throat when you think you are getting a sore throat or cold, it will help knock it out of your system…….I would not recommend ingesting large amounts of it however. And as someone else suggested it’s good for avoiding the lice that school children inevitably get. Kelly

      Gypsum Moon wrote: At 01:28 AM 12/14/2007, debbieT wrote:

      Can any one tell me the mixture you use for the tree tee oils on pet smells
      in carpet?
      I don’t measure – just a few drops of tea tree to 2 – 3
      cups of water.

      I use it for many things – bug bites, burns, spots
      where I want to remove an odor that white vinegar
      can’t get out.

      cindy in ks

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