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      I told my daughter she could have a tea party with friends. She’s almost 7.
      Does anyone know how to make crumpets? Does anyone have any frugal ideas for
      food, accessories, or favors? And unfortunately the month has been so busy
      that I forgot we were doing this little get together TOMORROW!!!! So things we
      would have as basic foods sure would help me from running to the store. There
      will be about 8 girls.
      I think I’m going to make a pinata that looks like a tea cup if dries fast
      enough. Between birthdays, father’s day, and the last days of school it
      totally slipped my mind.
      So far I have an easy up tent that i’ll pin fabric to, to cover the legs. I
      have a picnic table i’ll cover with cloth. and i’ll put wild flowers in some
      small tea cups. After that I’m lost. It’s not for a birthday, this is just a
      bonus get together for the last day of school.


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