taxes and the wealthy

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      > 1. Get Rid of the irs completely- no income taxes at all.


      > 2. Set a Tax on Goods- (exmaple) 5% on everything which goes to the

      > government for all their programs. That way, no matter what you buy-

      > you are paying taxes in to the government.


      I agree!! However there would still need to be a compliance office to make

      sure the sales tax collected is actually remitted to the govt.

      Remember that tax laws come from Congress & are often designed to benefit a

      certain business (oil, for instance) or a certain group of people. The

      rich may pay a lot of income taxes but many are in a position to set their

      own salaries which are “grossed up” so they end up with what they actually

      want to earn. These are the people who also control wages for everyone

      else. Being underpaid is really paying a tax if you think about it.

      Nancy, retired CPA

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