taxes and the wealthy

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      This is probably going to piss a few people off, but Personally I

      believe we should do the following:

      1. Get Rid of the irs completely- no income taxes at all.

      2. Set a Tax on Goods- (exmaple) 5% on everything which goes to the

      government for all their programs. That way, no matter what you buy-

      you are paying taxes in to the government.

      Which means, if you pay 10,000 for a car- you pay 5% tax on it to the

      government, if you buy a $100,000 for a hummer, you pay 5% on it.

      Obviously those that are buying in excess will be paying a bit more.

      The tax should not include items Fuel, Groceries but should include

      Homes, Property, Vehicles, all all goods like tvs, stereos etc.

      why? because instead of a few americans paying in taxes everyone would

      be forced to pay taxes.

      it would remove the attack against the poor complaints and the attack

      against the rich complaints. if you want to buy crap, pay for it.

      all the (millions) of illegals in the us would be paying taxes- they’d

      have no choice.. they’re here, they’re going to buy “stuff”. think of

      all the money that would be generated from the millions of illegals


      the pimps, prostitutes, drug dealers that aren’t paying any taxes in on

      the “tips” and income they generate would suddenly have to pay. they’d

      be paying everytime they bought “bling”.

      the us would save billions of dollars by removing the irs. think of all

      the man hours that would no longer have to be paid and the amount of

      stress that people go through filing taxes- the depression

      subscriptions that would drop. etc etc

      if all the people in the us paid taxes in this manner, the government

      would have more money than they could shake a stick at.

      people that are frugal, that aren’t stuck in consumerism hell would be

      the ones that paid the least. if you’re happy with the things you have

      then you’d be saving quite a bit of money, wouldn’t you?

      obviously- we live in a society of gimmee, gimmee, gimmee, we need to

      change how the country is run to keep up with the times.

      thats my .02 on Taxes…


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