taxes and the wealthy

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      I have to put my two cents in here. First of all when it comes to illegal immigrants what word sticks out? ILLEGAL! That means “not legal”. If people want to come here then why not do it Legally? Illegals should be deported and never allowed back and those who aid them should be deported and not allowed back either. If you chose to break the law, you chose to pay the price. An illegal is the same as a theif and places him or herself in the same league as Charles Manson, the Son of Sam, and Jeffrey Dahmer because they broke the law! If we want to let some get by and make excepts then why have laws? If you let illegals break laws because they are poor then can poor Americans rob banks and get by with a pat on the back and a government handout because they are poor too? They broke the law so if we make exceptions why have laws? I got an idea, how about anarchy? Better yet, how about we simply take control of countries that make conditions so bad for their people
      they want to leave so then we can make them better? Plus then it will be part of America so then these illegals would not be illegal any more! Then they have to pay taxes like all the rest of us! One more thing, our language is ENGLISH so make it manditory for ALL Americans and immigrants to have to speak ENGLISH! After all, you go to Spain, you have to speak Spanish, you go to China you have to speak Chinese or if you want to live in America you need to speak English.

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