taxes and the wealthy

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      > Liss,




      > I’m quite surprised by the tone of this thread. First, many of us


      > do in fact pay taxes here, understand the language, and probably

      know more

      > about US history than many citizens.<< I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear, I was talking about ILLEGALS Aliens in this country. Those who snuck in and did not bother to go through the process. Obviously those that are here legally are entitled to any of the benefits of any other citizen in the US. >>Would all citizens have to prove that they can read, write and

      speak English fluently? << YES, they should. and the fact that not all can- speaks reams about our society as a whole and goes right back to the Misuse of our Tax Dollars debate. I’ve met people while visiting other states that didn’t know where or WHAT Maine was and asked “What country is it in?” I kid you not! Scary, Liss

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