taxes and the wealthy

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      I’m quite surprised by the tone of
      this thread. First, many of us immigrants do in fact pay taxes here, understand
      the language, and probably know more about US history than many citizens.
      Under your proposed regime, would you hold citizens to the same standards as
      immigrants? Would all citizens have to prove that they can read, write and speak
      English fluently? Should they be able to show that they understand US history and
      government and have a good moral character? There are tons of citizens who don’t
      hold up to that standard.

      And take a moment to remember that you
      were ALL immigrants once.

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      and the wealthy

      > If you made their immigration legal, they would

      > glad to comply.<< For all the Illegals in this Country right now, I would be willing to make them LEGAL right this moment if they were willing to do the following: 1. Learn English and speak it Fluently, be able to Read It as well as Write it. Our DHS programs should not have posters in 40 different languages! 2. Not sign up for Welfare or State Aid Programs for a minimum of 5 years. IF they can support themselves, Welcome! If you’re here for handout- Cya! 3. If they could show they understand U.S. history and government, have good moral character, and be willing to abide by the principles of the U.S. Constitution. If the current illegals in this country could & were able to do those 3 things, then Yes, I would agree to make them legal right now.

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