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      > If you made their immigration legal, they would be

      > glad to comply.<< For all the Illegals in this Country right now, I would be willing to make them LEGAL right this moment if they were willing to do the following: 1. Learn English and speak it Fluently, be able to Read It as well as Write it. Our DHS programs should not have posters in 40 different languages! 2. Not sign up for Welfare or State Aid Programs for a minimum of 5 years. IF they can support themselves, Welcome! If you’re here for handout- Cya! 3. If they could show they understand U.S. history and government, have good moral character, and be willing to abide by the principles of the U.S. Constitution. If the current illegals in this country could & were able to do those 3 things, then Yes, I would agree to make them legal right now. > > Do you speak foreign languages? Do you realize how

      > difficult they are to learn as you get older? Try it!<< Yes, because of the immigrants in our area right now DH & I are learning Spanish. We’ve also taken classes in Uzbeki. I think this is a cop-out. If you want to be an American you should speak the language. Our kids shouldn’t be expected to learn 15 different languages to cater to those who came here illegally. I don’t know where in the Country you live, but If you don’t live in an area heavily populated with illegals, it is difficult for you to get an accurate picture of how this effects Americans. While living in Maine we had a Huge flow of Somalians come into the Lewiston area. It was Common practice for them to walk into a walmart, pick out items that they wanted and then WALK out of the store without paying for them. I would watch walmart employees attempt to write down what the items were, but NO ONE stopped them. Why? Because that was part of their culture. I was in a restuarant with my husband and children and we watched 2 somali teens who did not speak ANY english come in sit down, point to photos on the menu. The waitress brought them their order, they ate, they got up, they left. They didn’t pay for anything, nor did they tip the waitress. She was in tears. Not ALL immigrants bust their asses, some are here for a free ride. Did the waitress call the police, NO. You want to know why? Because if she filed a complaint it would have been considered a Hate Crime against the immigrants. I am Not Kidding, Nor am I exaggerating. I welcome you to do a search on Maine Immigrants- Hate Crimes- Somalians in Lewiston. This was a HUGE topic/Fight every single day- even the Mayor begged them to stop bringing over their family members unless they could support themselves because of the strain on Maine’s Economy. It entirely depends on the area you live in. Yes, I agree, many immigrants do come here and bust their asses, many of them do the jobs that none of us would want to do, cleaning slaughterhouses among others. I don’t want you to think I am against immigrants on the whole. I’m not. I understand people wanting to come to this country, quite frankly, their are very few other countries I would consider living in. I’ve known many different types of immigrants over the years. My husband worked with Iranians in a Factory in Westbrook Maine- they were hard workers, but couldn’t seem to get the hang of using the restrooms properly, (nor did they try despite posters on proper hygiene) On any given day they would defecate in the sinks or in the corners of rooms or beside the toilets. The ONE that spoke (broken) english explained to my husband that they don’t like water to touch their behinds. NOT KIDDING. We filed formal complaints with the company and were told that nothing could be done because that was their culture. If we pursued it- it could be construed as a hate crime! My husband worked 12 hour shifts without being able to use the restrooms. The “ladies” room was far worse. I’ve lived in areas with large populations of immigrants, both legal and illegals. Somalians, Iranians, Uzbeki’s, Mexicans, Hmongs, among many others. Most of them spoke VERY little English and understood even less. I truly feel that if you want to be in this country, you should speak ENGLISH. Have a second language or a third or a fourth- but our teachers shouldn’t have to be fluent in 10 different languages to teach classes. > > Our immigrants are not the ones who outsource our jobs

      > to cheaper labor overseas. << I never said they were. I don’t blame Immigrants (or drug dealers, pimps and ho’s) for the problems in this country. >>It is the cheap labor

      > Repubs and DummyCrats that are the traitors to our

      > nation. They refuse to stand up to the rich and the

      > corporations, who on one hand, ship our jobs overseas,<< agreed. We need to bring the jobs back to the USA and stop allowing tax breaks to the Corps that go elsewhere. > Why has budget discussion group turned into an

      > immigrant bashing forum?<< I don’t believe it has turned into an immigrant bashing forum. I believe that people are simply expressing their concerns about how many illegals are getting a “free ride” while actual tax-paying citizens are struggling to make ends meet and fighting to get basic health care coverage that is given to others freely with no expectation of payment. ~Liss

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