taxes and the wealthy

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      You are severely out of touch. You would not want your

      worst enemy doing the jobs that illegal immigrants do.

      They work long hours for less than minimum wage. They

      are the most severely exploited sector of the labor

      force and work the most dangerous jobs.

      I’m shocked that so many want to scapegoat the people

      who are doing the same thing that our ancestors did,

      just trying to make a better life for themselves.

      If you made their immigration legal, they would be

      glad to comply.

      Do you speak foreign languages? Do you realize how

      difficult they are to learn as you get older? Try it!

      Try it after working a twelve hour day. And, by the

      way, some actually do learn English. I’ve met them.

      Our immigrants are not the ones who outsource our jobs

      to cheaper labor overseas. It is the cheap labor

      Repubs and DummyCrats that are the traitors to our

      nation. They refuse to stand up to the rich and the

      corporations, who on one hand, ship our jobs overseas,

      and on the other, do not enforce the law because they

      make so much profit on their cheap labor immigrants.

      Your parents did the same thing as the current

      immigrants are doing. Most of us would do the same

      thing. Scapegoating immigrants is about as smart as

      blaming the Jews was for the Germans. It is total


      I have a feeling I’m going to be banned from this

      website. But I can’t let this nonsense go


      Why has budget discussion group turned into an

      immigrant bashing forum?


      — M F <> wrote:


      > Our economy right now is in trouble. Over 150,000

      > homes are in or close to foreclosure. Our

      > government is in debt over $9 billion. That is

      > equivalent to $30,000 a person that lives in this

      > country.

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