taxes and the wealthy

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      What WOULD work is if everyone were charged the same percentage. No matter what you earn, you would pay, say 10% or whatever on income tax. If you earn less, you’d pay less…the more you earn, the more you pay, but the same percentage.

      You’d be amazed how much more the government would get that way – the upper class pays about half the percentage rate as middle class.

      if everyone paid the same percentage rate, the government would be rolling in dough.


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      From: Wayne Benner
      Sent: Friday, March 07, 2008 9:11 AM
      Subject: Re: : taxes and the wealthy

      I suppose a flat tax would be sensational if it was
      coupled with a flat income. In other words, everyone
      earns $100,000/yr. and is taxed equally on it.

      The flat tax is simply more class warfare on the poor
      and those who don’t earn a living wage. It is a
      regressive tax by definition.

      The only way we are going to begin to get out of our
      economic woes is by mandating a living wage and
      increasing taxes on the rich.

      Just my opinion, and of course, I would never
      complain. 🙂

      — Carole Durand <> wrote:

      > This came across my desk the other day. I’m
      > obviously not rolling in
      > it, or I might not be here, but I do recognize the
      > relevance of the
      > snippet.

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