taxes and the wealthy

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      Hey Liss

      Excellent response. I’ll just try to respond to few

      things that apparently I misunerstood.

      — Liss <> wrote:

      > Yup, I do. I suppose meeting thousands and thousand

      > of people every

      > year through my budgeting site has really opened my

      > eyes as to taxes,

      > fairness and how often people get screwed over by

      > the system.

      No argument that people are getting screwed over. Your

      experience, admittedly broader than mine, has left you

      with a different explanation of how people “get


      Tax rates in the U.S, while increasingly hitting the

      poor, working and middle class the hardest, are still

      relatively low compared to other industrialized

      nations. Moreover, all of these nations get something

      in return for their taxes, which makes them more

      bearable. For example, universal health care. In fact,

      the range of benifits extends far beyond that.

      I think there should be much more outrage about the

      low pay and long work hours that we suffer in the

      States. The plethora of temp jobs with no prospects or

      benefits is even more galling. The average worker in

      the States is also working 6 to 8 weeks longer per

      year than in Western Europe. Besides the shorter work

      week, they enjoy more holidays and longer vacations.

      Mothers, and is some cases fathers, get far more time

      off for maternity leave.

      Your next statement underscores my point. And I

      seriously doubt that you are working that many hours

      to pay your taxes.


      > Sad, but necessary. I currently average 85-100

      > hours per week.

      > I could’ve invested that money

      > and gotten some

      > return, rather than having it rest in the

      > governments bank account.


      > I’m talking about Income Taxes, Federal Taxes, not

      > state taxes. I

      > hardly think paying a few dollars in State taxes

      > qualifies as a Tax

      > Payer, especially when our resources are being

      > utilized- Insurance

      > and welfare programs, etc.

      I was actually speaking of sales tax. Also, it is not

      true that all immigrants are not paying federal taxes.

      An increasing amount are in fact paying. But, given

      the paltry wages that those who aren’t paying earn, do

      you really think that their taxes would put even a

      minor dent in the overall U.S. tax burden? It would be

      miniscule. You seem to expect miracles from the most

      down-trodden, exploited members of our work force. I

      believe that ending corporate welfare and making the

      rich pay would be a far more viable solution.

      > Let me be Clear – They were LEGALS and they were

      > NOT paid by the

      > Company, they were Paid by the STATE of MAINE. They

      > were GIVEN money

      > By the State to Be Here and the STATE was given

      > FEDERAL dollars to

      > Support them. They were very Open about bragging

      > about their good

      > fortune.

      Thanks for clarifying. This is simply welfare for the

      rich, this company was given money to lure workers

      that they otherwise would not have been able to get

      without paying more money.

      > I don’t know what part of the country you are

      > from, But an

      > executive order issued in 2004 has turned Maine into

      > the nation’s

      > only sanctuary state, where people in the country

      > illegally are

      > entitled to the full range of welfare benefits,

      > driver’s licenses,

      > and other privileges intended for lawful state

      > residents.


      I think anyone who works in this country should be

      extended the full range of benefits. I know that we

      will never agree on this.

      America was built historically by immigrants: those

      that have died on the railroads, in the factories, and

      out in the fields. And, historically, we have always

      fought to keep them down. I think your anger toward

      them is misdirected, and many of us, if we look at our

      own ancestry, were actually immigrants from other

      nations looking to better our condition. True, they

      might have been legal immigrants, but that is the

      capriciousness of the law these days. The reason they

      are not “legal” is simply that we want them on the

      cheap. They, like many of us legals now, are simply

      disposable labor. We turn a blind eye to them when we

      (usually business interests) want them here, but want

      to reserve the right to dutifully dispose of them if

      the situation calls for it. I call that not accepting


      Would everything be OK with you if we just legalized

      all the immigrants who are already here?

      > LOL, I think you misunderstand, Quite Frankly, I

      > wasn’t complaining-

      > I was offering a solution.

      > I think the country needs some solutions to some of

      > their issues-

      > and this country certainly has many issues to

      > contend with.

      > I am aware of that, there are far too many people

      > that feel the US

      > should be supporting all these other countries and

      > taking care of the

      > world instead of taking care of their own right

      > here.

      This is factually misleading. Compare to other

      industrialized countries, the U.S. gives a smaller

      proportion of aid to other countries. This is just a

      fact. Moreover, our aid tends to go to the hands of

      the already wealthy in those poorer nations, and not

      to those who need it the most. It is basically just a

      tool to prop up our foreign policy, which in many

      cases entails propping up dictators and other corrupt



      > Like Oprah- she pays to start schools in Other

      > countries- why not fix

      > the schools in Our Country? Whatever… you reap

      > what you sow. If you

      > dig the others out before you dig yourself out,

      > you’ll still be a

      > hole when you’re done.

      I have to applaud Oprah for helping out anyone. First

      and foremost, I consider myself a citizen of the

      planet. My nation, state, and city come behind that.

      I also think it is sad that Oprah herself would have

      to even consider helping out U.S. citizens. That is

      what the tax dollars were supposed to do in the first

      place. It is a mark of shame that poverty in the U.S.

      still even exists. And it is a total crime what

      happened in New Orleans and our national neglect.

      > Well, I appreciate your concern about our finances-

      > but I suppose

      > if I knew EVERYONE was paying the same amount, I

      > could deal with that

      > hit quite easily.


      > You mentioned that I seem to get hot under the

      > collar about this

      > topic, I guess I do.. I’ve had this website

      > for nearly

      > 10 years. Some years it COST me major money to keep

      > it open, some

      > years I had enough sponsor help that it generated

      > some money. Over

      > ALL of those years, I have watched & listened to

      > people who struggle

      > every single day to make ends meet, people wonder

      > whether they should

      > quit their jobs be on welfare and get state

      > insurance because it pays

      > Better than working an honest days work. I’ve

      > watched people lose

      > their jobs, get new jobs, get relocated for jobs and

      > it’s all the

      > still the same… People in this Country are

      > fighting to get ahead

      > and stay ahead. They’re paying more in taxes than

      > they ever have in

      > history and keeping even less of their paychecks.

      > They are losing

      > their homes to foreclosure and have little to

      > nothing saved for

      > retirements. You can call it whining about illegals

      > or social

      > programs, I call it facing reality.

      This is very well spoken. I applaud your efforts with

      the website and agree with much of this paragraph. It

      is truly sad if someone has such a lousy job that they

      would prefer welfare!

      I call facing reality something different. These phony

      simplistic tax schemes are being promoted by a lot of

      snake-oil salesmen and are no more believable than an

      infomercial. If our federal taxes were simply paid by

      a sales tax, what happens when a downturn in the

      economy occurs and people aren’t buying. Or, like you,

      people catch on to buying used or bartering. Then

      where does the money to support our bloated military

      come from?

      Alternatively, these “flat tax” proposals are designed

      to shift more of the burden to the poor and middle

      class. It is we who will be forced to pay the increase

      as the rich get off even lighter again.


      > The reality is- if we don’t change something SOON

      > the US economy is

      > going to Crash Severely- and No Country out there is

      > going to help

      > get us back on our feet.

      I hope things aren’t that bleak, but I realize it is

      possible. I think we agree here far more than we

      disagree. I just don’t think that immigrants, dope

      dealers, and ho’s being taxed is going to bail us


      They all might have their faults, but scapegoating

      them for our economic woes isn’t the answer. I just

      think that some of your passion is slightly

      misdirected. No big deal.





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