taxes and the wealthy

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      — In, Wayne Benner wrote:


      > Liss,


      > Wow! You seem to have some very strong feelings about

      > taxes and fairness.<< Yup, I do. I suppose meeting thousands and thousand of people every year through my budgeting site has really opened my eyes as to taxes, fairness and how often people get screwed over by the system. > I’m more or less sympathetic to this first part. It is

      > sad, however, that anyone would even consider working

      > a 100 hours/week in the world’s wealthiest nation.<< Sad, but necessary. I currently average 85-100 hours per week. > some of that should have been

      > returned when the tax return was filed.<< yeah, so we had to wait a year to get the money back that was overpaid. Ridiculous. I could’ve invested that money and gotten some return, rather than having it rest in the governments bank account. >>> Not paying a dime? Don’t they, at minimum, pay sales

      > tax like everyone else? << I’m talking about Income Taxes, Federal Taxes, not state taxes. I hardly think paying a few dollars in State taxes qualifies as a Tax Payer, especially when our resources are being utilized- Insurance and welfare programs, etc. > This strains credulity! But even if true, most

      > illegals ARE not given any such resettlement sum.

      > Also, it sounds like this should have been brought to

      > the attention of the legal authorities. It sounds

      > blatantly illegal of the company.<< Let me be Clear – They were LEGALS and they were NOT paid by the Company, they were Paid by the STATE of MAINE. They were GIVEN money By the State to Be Here and the STATE was given FEDERAL dollars to Support them. They were very Open about bragging about their good fortune. I don’t know what part of the country you are from, But an executive order issued in 2004 has turned Maine into the nation’s only sanctuary state, where people in the country illegally are entitled to the full range of welfare benefits, driver’s licenses, and other privileges intended for lawful state residents.

      Unfortunately, lots of things were paid for that shouldn’t have

      been. My husband and I got front row seats.

      >> How about #4? poor me – I pay the most cause of

      > immigration, pimps, and drug dealers<< LOL, I think you misunderstand, Quite Frankly, I wasn’t complaining- I was offering a solution. I think the country needs some solutions to some of their issues- and this country certainly has many issues to contend with. >>> You consider this plan “fair”. I doubt, however, you

      > will ever get most people to agree with you on this.<< I am aware of that, there are far too many people that feel the US should be supporting all these other countries and taking care of the world instead of taking care of their own right here. Like Oprah- she pays to start schools in Other countries- why not fix the schools in Our Country? Whatever… you reap what you sow. If you dig the others out before you dig yourself out, you’ll still be a hole when you’re done. > What you endorse is a regressive tax system,

      > and it sounds like from what you have revealed, both

      > you and your husband would also take a hit from your

      > plan.

      Well, I appreciate your concern about our finances- but I suppose

      if I knew EVERYONE was paying the same amount, I could deal with that

      hit quite easily.

      You mentioned that I seem to get hot under the collar about this

      topic, I guess I do.. I’ve had this website for nearly

      10 years. Some years it COST me major money to keep it open, some

      years I had enough sponsor help that it generated some money. Over

      ALL of those years, I have watched & listened to people who struggle

      every single day to make ends meet, people wonder whether they should

      quit their jobs be on welfare and get state insurance because it pays

      Better than working an honest days work. I’ve watched people lose

      their jobs, get new jobs, get relocated for jobs and it’s all the

      still the same… People in this Country are fighting to get ahead

      and stay ahead. They’re paying more in taxes than they ever have in

      history and keeping even less of their paychecks. They are losing

      their homes to foreclosure and have little to nothing saved for

      retirements. You can call it whining about illegals or social

      programs, I call it facing reality.

      The reality is- if we don’t change something SOON the US economy is

      going to Crash Severely- and No Country out there is going to help

      get us back on our feet.



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