taxes and the wealthy

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      > Why should people who make more have to pay more?

      > It does bother me that people expect their lives to

      > be supplemented by someone who has more. As it

      > stands the overall tax rate is pretty even across

      > all income levels, and is as even as it’s likely to

      > ever get given we’re dealing with people.

      If for no other reason, and there are plenty more, the

      rich should have to pay far more because they have

      been privileged to live in a society that has allowed

      them to earn obscene amounts of money and

      extravagance. That is surely enough in itself. They

      should be delighted to cough up.

      And there are those among the rich who agree with

      this. In fact, there were billionaires who lobbied

      AGAINST doing away with the inheritance tax.




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