taxes and the wealthy

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      Just to address of few of your points. Most Japanese label cars sold in the U.S. are manufactured in the U.S., benefiting our economy. If they sell more I expect it has quite a bit more to do with the quality of their products than with trade policy. As for the lead paint issue, I put the burden on the consumer.Consumers demand lower prices –you get what you pay for and you take your risks. As for people living outside of the legitimate economy, do you really think people who are trying to cheat the system are going to stop trying to cheat? There are ways to get around everything. No doubt the black market for luxury goods would go through a serious boom if a federal sales tax were implemented. Why should people who make more have to pay more? It does bother me that people expect their lives to be
      supplemented by someone who has more. As it stands the overall taxrate isprettyeven across all income levels, and is as even as it’s likely to ever get given we’re dealing with people. I don’t see where you get that I think people who make more should be penalized for their success. On the contrary, I think they already are heavily penalized. They pay significantly more for the same benefits (if you can call it that) that the government offers. Any kind of payment for the same services based on a percentage of income is inherently unfair. I simply don’t think a tax on goods will significantly change how the tax bill is spread around. And the 5% figure you keeping using is way out of the realm of reality. How is 5% of some of everyone’s income going to replace upwards of 20% of all of everyone’s income? Lori.

      Liss wrote: — In, Lori wrote:
      > It’s really no where near that simple. What about foreign trade
      policy that favors the U.S? <<< It’s not about having having a policy that favors the US, its about
      a policy that Favors BOTH countries. Instead of the US getting a
      Matchbox car and Japan getting 5 Billion Dollars
      worth of Cars sold
      here, we ought to even it out a bit. Make it favorable for Both
      Countries. Not kiss another countries rump for something they MIGHT
      do for us 20 years from now.

      On top that, whatever we import ought to face Stricter standards
      lest we have 4 million more kids with autism and nerve damage, etc
      from their lead Paint laden toys.
      Our own Factories and corporations within the US face strict
      scrutiny, but these other countries standards are piss poor and we
      kiss their rumps and beg for their business accepting whatever drivel
      they send. It’s pitiful and Dangerous.

      > And a flat tax is likely to be a huge burden to the poorest who
      already pay the least in overall taxes, while only make a small
      difference to the richest.<<< I’m not talking about a Flat Tax, I’m talking about taxing Goods. If
      you want to buy a big Screen tv, you should pay taxes on it. If you
      want to have loads and
      loads of “Stuff” then you should pay for it.
      Not only to support the government, but to help pay for the impact of
      your purchases on the Environment. Maybe it would take something of
      This Magnitude to slow down the Consumerism thinking in this Country.
      Just because a new gadget hit the shelves doesn’t mean we should
      all run out and buy one, and if you do, Great, pay taxes on it.

      What about the estimated 10+ Million Illegals in this country? Do
      you think they are paying anything to be here?? What about the
      prostitutes, pimps, drug dealers, that rake in thousands and
      thousands of dollars that go untaxed?

      >>while only make a small difference to the richest<< It seems to bother you most that people with More money don’t have
      to Pay more… If you’re all paying 5% (or whatever amount) it’s
      equally fair.
      Personally, I don’t give a rats behind what the guy next door makes,
      if he earns it, that’s his
      business. If he wants to buy a 5 million
      dollar house and pay 5% Great, I’ll buy my 100,000 house and pay 5%.

      I don’t understand why you feel that the Rich should be penalized
      for their success? It feels like you want to impose a jealousy tax.
      They have it so they should pay it and I’m broke so I shouldnt have
      to. If your that broke, you shouldn’t be wasting money on frivolous
      items that you cant afford.

      If I made $500,000 a year because I succeeded in business or the
      stock market I sure as hell wouldn’t feel it was fair to pay double
      in taxes because I made some smart choices.

      The smart choice in this idea is- if you don’t want to pay more in
      taxes- than don’t buy a bunch of stuff you don’t need. You don’t NEED
      a new car every year, you don’t NEED the newest gadget that pops up
      in on your Big Screen, the point is, if you Live within your Means
      then you will pay less.


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