taxes and the wealthy

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      I suppose a flat tax would be sensational if it was

      coupled with a flat income. In other words, everyone

      earns $100,000/yr. and is taxed equally on it.

      The flat tax is simply more class warfare on the poor

      and those who don’t earn a living wage. It is a

      regressive tax by definition.

      The only way we are going to begin to get out of our

      economic woes is by mandating a living wage and

      increasing taxes on the rich.

      Just my opinion, and of course, I would never

      complain. 🙂

      — Carole Durand <> wrote:

      > This came across my desk the other day. I’m

      > obviously not rolling in

      > it, or I might not be here, but I do recognize the

      > relevance of the

      > snippet.

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