taxes and the wealthy

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      > I was responding to the email I quoted, which referred to a flat

      tax.<< Oh I see! > And is there really that much benefit to a federal sales tax? To

      generate the same federal tax revenue a tax on luxury goods would

      have to be over 20%.<< I agree, which is why I think All Goods should be taxed, not just luxuries. (Except food/fuel). >>And what about corporations, what items that corporations purchase

      are considered non-luxury and which are luxury?<< All items.. so it doesn’t matter if you are purchasing the item for work, for your business or for your house, it gets taxed the same. If you are a corporation and you buy 500 chairs to furnish a building, they all get taxed. If you buy a million dollar handmade silk rug for your corporate jet- you get taxed. Period. >>ither way the cost of goods will either not change or more likely

      go up.<< Exactly, so if you base your living on buying goods all the time, than yes, you will be paying more in taxes. If you purchase used items, recycled items, freecycled items, you’re saving money and the environment in one fell swoop. >> I’m not trying to be argumentative, it’s simply that U.S.

      economics and taxes are not simple and without a total crash or

      creating a total crash there isn’t likely to be anything but

      incremental changes.<< I agree with you, but if the system continues on the broken leg it’s on right now, a Crash is inevitable, and we need to be ready with a viable solution that fits today’s economic needs, rather than one that was created generations ago in a whole different type of economy. Lori, thank you, I really appreciate your point of view in this discussion. You’ve made me consider some points I hadn’t. Liss

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