taxes and the wealthy

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      I agree with Liss!! I compliance office is nothing compared to the monster IRS we have now. How much simpler is it to track a flat percentage tax on luxury items rather than have a team of accountants to navigate the pages and pages of tax law that we currently have.

      That's another reason that the rich are benefitted by our current system. They're the only ones who can afford accountants who can really figure this stuff out! lol
      I'm sorry that all the IRS employees would have to find new jobs because this current system is not their fault, but not sorry enough to continue on with this terrible system of tax law.

      Even if the government paid them 6 months to a year of severance and gave them help in finding new jobs (which you know they would) it would be a small cost to pay in the long run for a better system that is cheaper to run.

      The only problem is that our government will never get enough people in the legislature to agree toapprove a great system like this. They all have their own agendas and most are greatly influenced by the rich (who would hate this type of system where they can't escape paying).
      Let's start a grass-roots revolution!! 🙂
      Jenny D

      On Sat, Mar 8, 2008 at 9:27 AM, Nancy R <> wrote:

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      > 1. Get Rid of the irs completely- no income taxes at all.
      > 2. Set a Tax on Goods- (exmaple) 5% on everything which goes to the
      > government for all their programs. That way, no matter what you buy-

      > you are paying taxes in to the government.
      I agree!! However there would still need to be a compliance office to make
      sure the sales tax collected is actually remitted to the govt.

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