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      Does anyone have any cheap ideas for tattoo cover up? I have one on the back of my shoulder and I need to cover it up for my brother’s wedding in a couple weeks. I really don’t want to buy a makeup kit online…what if it doesn’t work or the color is wrong.

      I don’t have lots of time to wait for shipping either. Covering with a big band aid is also not an acceptable option (according to the mother of the bride.) Thanks for any help.

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      Grrr. I hate the idea that you have to cover your tat, it’s part of Who you are. With that said, you didn’t ask for my opinion, you asked for help, so here goes…

      1. You could apply make-up, use Dermablend Leg & Body Cover. this will cover anything from birthmarks to scars. use a shade that matches your skin exactly, dab it on with your finger, blending it well at the edges. finally set using some transluscent powder. It’s one of least expensive make-up blends that work.

      2. You could opt for a classy looking shawl (light colored tulle) and drape it around your shoulders and under your arms for a sexy look, but this might not please the mother of the bride either.

      3. If the dress has straps, you could wear a flower corsage type of deal on both sides, front and back on just the one shoulder, but all of the bridesmaids would have to follow suit. Suggest this to the relative that ain’t happy.;-)

      Good Luck!

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      Thanks for the idea. I am thinking of going to some stores and asking if they have a sample of the Dermablend that I could try and see if it really works first. Thanks much.

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      There’s also a tattoo cover up kit available from Works great, stays put, a really good, inespensive, non-permenant solution for job interviews, weddings, special occasions, all those times when maybe other people aren’t so excited about seeing your tattoos.

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