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      — In, M R wrote:


      > Thanks Liss for the Target coupon info. I didn’t know they had

      coupons on their website! More great deals to take advantage of!<< You’re quite welcome. > > I just went to Walmart today and saved 25% of my bill with

      coupons and stocked up on some necessities.<< I LOVE doing that. I went last week and b4 coupons my total was $58.42, and after coupons I paid $6.04 and the guy behind me was a Total jerk the whole time the cashier was ringing me out, UNTIL he saw my total I paid. Then he asked the cashier, “How did she do that?? Is that Legal?” lmao. I swear, one of these days I’m going to write a book about my experiences using coupons.

      >>Later today I was at CVS getting two tubes of toothpaste for free

      with coupons. << You can get free Oral B Toothbrushes this week too! > > I have quite a stock of Shampoos and toothpaste bought for next to

      nothing using coupons during sales. My husband and I laugh that if

      things get much worse, we will be living out of a cardboard box, but

      we will have shiny hair and sparkly teeth!!! << LOL, I completely understand that, we have Pert Plus & Sunsilk shampoo/conditioners up the wazooo. But hey, at least if you want to put together some bath and body baskets for gifts, you have tons of stuff to tuck into them. 🙂 ~Liss

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