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      Just another FYI about Target coupons (forgot to put in other post,

      dah!). There is someone on the internet that took one of Target’s

      coupons from it’s website, doctored it up and reposted it on the web.

      Target was decided they will not take either of those two coupons

      now. It started out as a $5 off a toy purchase ($25 or more I

      believe) and was turned into a $5 off anything purchase $25 or more.

      If you have this coupon, Target WILL NOT TAKE IT.

      For those of us that clip and use coupons to be frugal and help our

      budgets, I’d like to express my sorrow over the lack of respect of

      one person that has ruined something that was meant to be helpful and


      Just my thoughts! Sorry if I stepped on toes.

      Diane in IL

      — In, M R wrote:

      Thanks Liss for the Target coupon info. I didn’t know they had

      coupons on their website! More great deals to take advantage of!


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