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      Orgin. post was 7/18/08

      Michelle and all others,

      FYI about Target coupons. Did you know that not only are there

      coupons at (bottom of the page in small print, I believe

      under “Super Target Coupons & Specials”)but you can use one Target

      coupon and one manufacturer coupon on the same item. Example (not

      really happening now as far as I know) – coupon from the Sunday

      paper/magazine/etc… for CheezIt crackers and a coupon from for CheezIt crackers can be used on a single box of

      crackers. That’s Target’s policy. As long as the size/number of items

      purchased meets the coupon requirements, Target will take both

      coupons. How do I know? Can you guess where I work? Just thought all

      the coupon clippers like myself would be interested!

      Diane in IL

      — In, M R wrote

      Thanks Liss for the Target coupon info. I didn’t know they had

      coupons on their website! More great deals to take advantage of!


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