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      I took to getting money orders through the post office for
      paying bills… You have to have the money in hand… and
      you get a receipt with a number you can quote to collection
      department… and photostat if they are insistent.

      I would quote the postal m/o # and tell them to correct
      their records… that usually fixed things…

      The only thing I really use a bank account for is a place
      to deposit cheques… and I withdraw cash to see to things.

      Perhaps I’m paranoid (grin) but the less that can be
      tracked about you and your spending habits the better.

      Bank accounts are prime sources for information about what
      you do and where you go… That information I consider
      personal… and so the m/o thing works.

      This way… my bank account shows the money that I
      deposited… and what I took out cash… That is not a lot
      of information…. I am suspect of all kinds of personal
      information being ‘out there’… also… that information
      is ‘out there’ for ever!…

      Also… I have found that it takes a lot of energy to
      resist the subtle insistence from financial institutions
      for you to ‘do things their way’.. which usually means it
      will cost you money.

      By withdrawing cash.. the bank(s) have no idea where your
      money is spent and you don’t get ‘suggestions’ about what
      you should do based on information from your own spending
      habits. I find that if someone knows personal information
      about me.. and then makes a ‘suggestion’… I am already
      predisposed to entertaining it… That makes deciding and
      thinking it all though harder.

      The same goes for the Net. The less they know.. the less
      they badger you… -grin…



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